Myofascial Release / Craniosacral Sessions

2 hour session  $165

A typical session is 2 hours long. You will be lying on a table in loose fitting, comfy clothing.  Your position will typically be on your back or side.  Props may be used to increase comfort. Changes in position are encouraged if beneficial to your comfort level during the session.  A combination of myofascial release and craniosacral therapy techniques are utilized to help engage the parasympathetic nervous system and allow for the fascial web to open up and unwind.  Pressure is typically light to moderate and often held for minutes at a time.

3 hour session $240

These sessions operate in the same way as the 2 hour for individual treatments. The additional time allows for greater depth of release and the ability to address more areas of restriction. You may also choose to include a brief astrology reading with your time on your table. Hey, we have 3 hours…why not?
Partner Sessions to learn Myofascial Release/Craniosacral therapy

3 hour session $250

These 3 hour treatment sessions require that you bring a partner so that you may learn basic Myofascial release/Craniosacral techniques. The time is split with each person spending time receiving a treatment and giving a treatment. The environment will include one on one direct teaching and opportunity for questions and feedback. A 2 hour treatment session is highly recommended for each person prior to a partner session.

To Prepare

To prepare for your myofascial treatment session, please wear loose fitting clothing. No jeans. A loose t shirt and pj bottoms work nicely. Come to your session well hydrated. Try to avoid lotion on your skin that day. But most importantly, try not to burden yourself with any expectation.


2 Hour Astrological Reading. $165

Come unpack your natal chart, spend time talking about the current astrological transits, look ahead to what’s unfolding in your next year by doing a solar return chart.  No matter what we talk about, you’re guaranteed to have more insight into how to utilize your natural gifts to tackle the astrological shifts happening in the world around you.

Astrology 101  $750.00

Do you find astrology fascinating and want to learn more?  Then gather up your friends for a 4 hour walk through your chart as I teach you the basics of understanding how to make sense of your natal chart.  Each person in attendance will be given their own natal chart to learn how to interpret.   We will cover the meaning of the planets, houses, signs, nodes of fate, and major aspects.   Class size is limited to 10 people.

Packages — Ways to Save on Table Time

Self care is expensive.  But by purchasing multiple visits at a time, I’m happy to offer you substantial savings.  Packages are non-refundable and expire one year from the date of purchase.  You can share them with your spouse, friends, and family.   The sessions are all 2 hours long and can be used for myofascial release/craniosacaral or astrological readings.  You decide.

3 two hour sessions for $450.

6 two hour sessions for $850

Relaxation, Recuperation, and Revitalization To Go!

BEMER PEMF Rental $165/week

Take the BEMER home with you.  Use it twice daily for one week.

Biomat Mini Rental $165/week

Relax and recover using infrared heat and negative ion technology!  Biomat mini moves easily from room to room.  It covers the length of your torso and is a great way to explore all that Biomat can provide.  

Biomat Professional Mat $225/week

This is for the Biomat devotees!  Take home the full size mat.  Lie it on the floor or on your mattress for a full body treatment.

No insurance accepted.  Package deal available.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.