Most people come to my office seeking treatment for a chronic pain.  They lie down on the table.  I instruct them to relax.  And I begin attempting to release fascial restrictions.  But nothing happens.  I change locations and try again.  And nothing happens.  

And that, my friend, is a clue.  The body is talking.  And it is saying that it must remain tight and protected because there’s something going on in the mind that is attacking it.  And the only way to get the body to relax and let down its guard, is to convince the mind that it has the story all wrong.  

How do I know that the mind has the story all wrong?  Well, because the body opens and relaxes when truth is spoken.  Even a terrible truth.  When a lie is spoken the body defends itself.  Yes friends, the truth really and truly will set you free.  

So let’s say I’ve just met you.  And you’ve hinted at some emotional stress but did not elaborate.  You’re tighter than a tick on the table with absolutely no sign of foreseeable softening after 30 minutes.  Am I going to jump in and try to pry open your emotional defense system?  Nope.  I’m going to talk Astrology.

That’s right…. Astrology.  

You see, in the heavens above there are planets.  And these planets have huge energy fields around them.  These energetic pulls change and shift as the planets move in their orbits.  Planetary fields combine and pull apart.  Today as I’m writing this the planet Pluto (I know astronomers don’t see him as a planet) and the planet Jupiter are at the same point in the heavens.  They are conjoined at 22 degrees of Capricorn.   So we have an astrological blending of the planetary energies.  

Now here’s the fun part.  You, just like the planets, have an energy field.  And fascia is a key component that makes up the energy field of the human body.  So you, here on earth, are picking up on that Pluto/Jupiter conjunction;  and you find yourself reacting to it.  Sometimes you react consciously to the energy – and these transits tend to go better for you.  And sometimes, you react unconsciously.  

Without consciousness, we have no choice – to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle.   And that’s when we can get the story wrong.   And the body has to chime in by tightening its fascial web to try to get your attention.  

So back to you lying on my table.  I start talking about the current Astrological weather.  I describe the energy at play.  How to use it well.  And how it looks when it’s not being used well.  You might have a question or two.  Most people don’t.  They just listen.  And whether you believe in Astrology or not doesn’t really matter.  Because all I did was make you conscious.  And then, the truth will set you free…………..