BEMER PEMF Technology is at your Fingertips!

Scientists and medical experts agree.  Improving our circulatory health improves our wellbeing.  When we increase the amount of blood flowing in our body, we aid the body in many ways.  Increased blood flow helps in tissue repair and regeneration, removal of harmful toxins, improvement in mental focus and clarity – just to name of few!

And this in turn can lead to improved performance, vitality, strength, stress reduction and relaxation. 

And this is exactly what the BEMER PEMF technology delivers.

So how does this work? BEMER devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field – or PEMF for short – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal into your body.  This specific blend of wavelengths has been scientifically demonstrated to not only open up the body’s microcirculation, but speed it up as well!

BEMER uses a very low frequency wave length that is completely safe.  And with as little as two 8 minute sessions a day, you will experience the benefits of improved circulation for 24 hours.  What a nice boost of energy!  So much better than that cappuccino you’ve been drinking!

So maybe you’ve been feeling depleted lately.  Or you need to find ways to improve your physical fitness as you train for that triathlon.  Come on in and give the BEMER a try.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.