Why Astrology?
Understanding the energetic flows……..

20 years ago, if you had told me that one day I would be an astrologer, I would have laughed. No way. I was far too serious minded to “believe” in such things. And then…….life threw me not just one curve ball, but a multitude of them. I felt completely derailed. Drained. Lost. And a lovely friend suggested astrology to help me find my way.

Admittedly, I scoffed at the idea. She persisted, however. I was struggling so I scheduled with an astrologer who would later become my mentor. And that astrologer who did not know me, appeared to know all about me. But most importantly, she helped me to understand energetic flows, patterns, and productive uses of these energies. Over the course of a year, she steadily guided me back to me.

So what exactly is astrology? I’d say it’s a study of energetic flow and patterns that are unique to each individual. The name of the game is to understand and use our energetic flows productively. When we do that, we tend to stay grounded and centered, even during the more difficult times. Understanding our innate energetic flows is like having an internal compass always guiding us. Easy, right? Not so fast.

Essentially, you are a walking antenna. You have your internal astrological compass, but that compass is also interacting with energy outside of you! That external energy can show up as other people, situations, seasons, etc. Sometimes we lose track of our optimal energetic flow because the world around us pushes and pulls on our energy. Slowly we abandon our compass and start living slightly outside the ideal. Maybe we even abandon our compass completely and try to live our life with someone else’s compass.

Does that work? Nope. When we don’t use the energetic flows inherent within us, it’s like constantly swimming upstream. You may get somewhere but there’s a huge energetic cost. And many times, that energetic cost translates into disruptions in the energy flow of the physical body. You start getting pain. You stop sleeping. Your digestion is off. Your immune system takes a beating. You become depressed or anxious. Maybe you just stop caring. Maybe you just wait for the weekend, for vacation, for anything that will interrupt the life you’re living.

And then you come in to see me for a session. And I ask that one question that unlocks a universe that perhaps you’ve never encountered….I give you back a map of who you are in the form of an astrological reading….you recognize yourself and instantly there’s a sense of coming home.

So….tell me…when were you born?

More to come on the astrology front! But if your interest is piqued, dig up your birthday, birth time to the minute if possible, and location. I’ll introduce you to you in the form of the natal chart.