Typically when you come in for your first session, I tell you what you may experience on the table. I talk about your physical comfort, your digestive noise, the spontaneous twitching……..and then I sneak in a little bit about emotions coming up to the surface.

Typically, I see three responses to this info: “the shrug off “, the “I was afraid of that!”, and the “already crying”. Let’s put a little more grace and ease into this aspect of the treatment by just getting down to the physiological reasons of why this happens in the first place.

Did you know that every thought you think is tied to an emotion? Every single thought we have is vibrationally colored with an emotion ranging from joy to shame. That’s a big range. Thoughts are linked to neuropeptides which are the “molecules of emotion”, a phrase coined by the neuroscientist Candace Pert PhD. There is a specific neuropeptide for angry, sad, excited, scared, happy, and so on. If you know how active your mind is, you can start to get a general idea of how many of these neuropeptides are flooding your system.

Here’s the important piece of information that I want to share: neuropeptides use the fascial web with its superconductivity to travel the entire body. So when you think a happy thought, your heart, your spleen, your liver, and that glorious brain all know you are happy. Your body knows when you’re scared. Your body knows you at this very intimate level- blurring the lines of a separate mind and body.

The fascial super highway is a reactive highway tied into the sympathetic (fight or flight) side of your nervous system. Let’s say you are going through a really tough time, a divorce perhaps. Your fascial web is spending a good amount of time in a tighter, stickier form. Suddenly now, those neuropeptides that are constantly using the web are getting stuck. They are not being broken down fully. And they remain vibrating the emotion of that particular moment for far longer than they should………

Who doesn’t have that friend who is just angry? They are angry at the weather, the line in the store, the traffic, the slow service…….. in short, they can’t seem to be anything but angry. It’s controlled anger. It’s just palpable under the surface of their polite facade. There’s a chance that they have a pile up of neuropeptide vibrating anger in their web! How does the body correct this? Well, when the fascial web softens and opens, there is an opportunity for the neuropeptides that were stuck to be broken down once and for all. The only downside is that you’re going to feel that emotional frequency ramp up as it’s released.

So you can be resting on the table comfortably and then boom! Angry. Your mind is going to race to find something to be angry about. Ignore it. Just allow the emotion to come up and out like vomit. Don’t attach a story. Don’t explain it to me. Just take my word for it, it’s old garbage that is looking for release…. not an explanation. The same can happen with any emotion!

When that vibrational frequency finally has a chance to break down, it’s no longer buzzing under the surface, tugging on your energy field. Like a toddler who has just had a massive tantrum, you’ll feel strangely cleansed. That is the beauty of releasing!

Free up that fascia, let the emotional vomit go, and feel better!