Myofascia is the tough, fibrous connective tissue glue that holds us together. It spider webs throughout our body, forming organ cavities, membranes, coverings for our bones, muscle and circulatory system.

It makes up ligament, tendon and scar tissue. Myofascia is made up of elastin, collagen, and a liquid component called ground substance.

Elastin provides a degree of pliability to the system. Collagen gives this tissue its strength.

Myofascia weaves its way throughout the body in a pattern that is unique to each individual. Unlike the muscles of the body that have a predictable origin and insertion, the route that myofascia takes is determined by each individual’s stress on the body, beginning at birth.

This fascial pattern is constantly changing. Physical stress in the form of illness, trauma, and postural changes cause a tightening down of the fascial system. Mental stress has been shown to trigger tightening as well. Over time, this can result in abnormal pressure on the nerves, muscles, bones or organs.

We are literally being squeezed from the inside, and numerous symptoms begin to emerge. We may experience pain, loss of motion, decreased energy, difficulty concentrating, and inability to relax and sleep. The myofascia becomes very hard and sticky. It doesn’t allow proper distribution of fluid throughout the body.

Instead of being soft and pliable at rest, the soft tissue system begins to carry an abnormal amount of tension all the time. The muscles feel hard and firm, even when we are trying to relax. The body perceives a constant level of stress that it cannot let go.

So the question becomes, why don’t we take care of our fascial system?  We take care of our skin, muscles, organs and bones.  But the fascial system which connects them all is overlooked in healthcare.  Myofascial release is a manual technique that restores balance to the fascial system.  Once that balance is achieved, the body responds with increased motion, energy, better concentration and relaxation.  For many clients, myofascial release is the missing piece in their healthcare and wellness.