The human being is the perfect balance of mind and body, both parts giving and receiving guidance to help us navigate our lives.  The body is a constant buzz of activity even when we are still.  Eckhart Tolle describes this as the “aliveness”  that permeates every cell:

“Most people are so distracted by their thought, so identified with the voices in their heads, they can no longer feel the aliveness within them.  To be unable to feel the life that animates the physical body, the very life that you are, is the greatest deprivation that can happen to you.  You then begin to look not only for substitutes for that natural state of well being within, but also for something to cover up the continuous unease that you feel when you are not in touch with the aliveness that is always there but usually overlooked”.

Does this sound like you?  Get to know yourself again.  Myofascial release and craniosacral therapy helps the nervous system to slow down and relax.  Thickened areas of fascia that block out sensory input and communication lines start to soften.  The mind starts to let go of the list of things to do and allows more creative, abstract thought to enter.

If you think your life exists out there, I invite you to come inside.  Feel better.  Feel more.