Energy Medicine has been for years a taboo subject.  Often considered to be a “soft science” by many of those in the medical field.

Science has spent decades dissecting the human body into smaller and smaller pieces, all the while neglecting to look at what the connection is that holds all these pieces together.

The growing popularity of alternative therapies has helped redirect our scientific inquiries.  Research is now supporting what has been “known” for centuries.  The human body is an energy system.  Technology allows us to measure easily the electrical (electrocardiogram for instance) and magnetic energy fields (MRI) that the human body produces.  But these are not the only energies.  The human body emits light energy (perhaps you do glow at times), sound (digestive noise), heat (during exercise, for instance), chemical energy, and elastic energy.  Beyond these energy systems are the “subtle energies” of the human body.   The study of all these systems is termed Energy Medicine. 

Energy between these systems is transferred and released to allow for proper communication between the cells of our bodies, to heal tissues, to allow for growth, and to maintain the daily processes that keep us alive.  The energy systems are not only the primary means of communication within our own body; but, they also allow for subconscious communication within our environment.

Energy systems provide us with our “sixth sense”.

You’ve experienced this phenomena when you walk in a room and immediately “know” something is wrong.   You can feel a stare before you turn your head to see it.  Perhaps you can sense when your child isn’t quite telling the whole truth.  You are picking up on changes in energy frequencies.  You’ve done it your whole life.

“In every culture, in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”  Szent-Gyorgyi (1967)

So where in the body are these energy systems located?  Anatomists were quite right that the major body organs serve as energy hubs.   We simply failed to acknowledge how these hubs were interconnected.   Research, particularly that of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi reveals that it is the connective tissue system that ties us all together.  Particularly important are the roles of collagen and water which act like superconductors.

In short, the fascial system creates the extensive “living network” as described by James Oschman, PhD that allows energy to be communicated and transferred throughout the human body.

So now it becomes a little clearer how fascial restrictions can cause trouble.

Fascial restrictions form road blocks in the energy system.

In fascial restrictions,  collagen and water are no longer conducting energy.  They are hardened and sticky, adhering to all in their vicinity.  The fluidity of the body becomes more sluggish.  Communications become more sluggish.   It becomes harder for the body to heal.  The body operates with less efficiency, effectively draining you of energy.  The body also has difficulty shifting gears, making it not only harder for you to get started, but harder for you to shut down and rest.  Mentally and physically you are slower.  On the outside, you may look the same.  But inside, you are slowing down.  There are imbalances forming.  And you can tell, you’re off.

The new year has just begun.   You’ve resolved to take care of yourself.  Perhaps this is your year to free up some fascial restrictions, let the energy flow, and feel better.