I grew up in the era of Richard Simmons, the Atkins diet, step aerobics, and calorie counters.

The theory of the day was that if your  body burned more calories than it consumed, you’d lose weight.  So you could eat that donut, but it would cost you 10 extra minutes on the treadmill.

Clearly this is not how weight loss works.  This is how a checking account works.

The body has its reasons for holding on to the status quo, and no doubt diet and exerciseplay important roles.  But some of you may have noticed that being extra vigilant with nutrition and consistent with exercise doesn’t always result in shedding that extra 10 lbs.

Sometimes you have turn your attention inward to find the missing link.

When the myofascia forms a tightening web, it can sabotage your diet goals in a number of ways.

1.   Tightness of the fascial system often results in the body staying in prolonged periods of stress.  You may be trying to relax mentally, but the internal pressure created by these fascial restrictions is registered by the central nervous system as potential danger.  So the nervous system keeps the hormones firing that trigger the stress response.  Its result is that your metabolism slows, cortisol secretion is prolonged, and your ability to truly relax the mind is hindered.

2.  Fascial restrictions become tighter when you exercise vigorously.  Fascia weaves its way through muscle.  As you exercise and contract the muscles, they pull tightened fascia even tighter.  The result can be pain, increased tightness or stiffness following a workout.  Instead of working out becoming easier over time, you are struggling to get yourself to do any physical activity.  So you are left with the thought that you hate exercise.

3.  Fascial tightness robs the body of its energy.  When you are walking around with internal straightjacket, your body is working hard to complete routine tasks, like getting up from the couch.  You are constantly tired from moving so inefficiently.  Not to mention that your sleep probably isn’t as restorative as it should be due to fascial tension keeping that mind revving.   So you are starting off behind the 8 ball.  And you thought you were lazy.

The answer is simple.  Eat well,  exercise regularly.  But first, balance the fascial system.

When the fascial system is freed up, suddenly the scale starts to move.  And better yet, that body of yours starts moving.  And the human body needs to move to be healthy.  Before you know it, eating healthy foods ( staying away from the stuff that makes your fascia sticky) feels really good.  And exercise just feels like the right thing to do.

Myofascial Release is Bodywork that helps the body work.

Free up that fascia, stay healthy.