You are hurting.  You hurt bad enough that you seek out medical help.

You are given medicine to dull your pain, quell your anxiety, dull your mind.  You are given tests – xrays, MRI, CT scans.  You are referred to specialists who will treat your problem for you …..  in 4 weeks, when you can get in to see them.  By the time you get there, you’re a medicated zombie with pain.

You are a very patient patient.

Western medicine thrives on diagnosing and prescribing.  Its premise is that the medical professional understands you better than you do. The patient becomes a passive recipient of care.  And slowly over time, the patient is conditioned to believe that their role is to obey recommendations, give feedback as to what might make them feel better or worse, and wait for further instruction.  You may need to wait a while……

Myofascial release forces you to drop the patient role

Myofascial release treatment is a partnership between you and the therapist.  Our goal is to help you feel your body more fully, interpret its signals, and communicate your needs.   For a moment, you will be asked to put on the back burner what everyone else has to say about your problem and investigate what your body is trying to tell you.   For some of you, this will be a big leap.  You have been very good patients, conditioned to rely on a diagnosis for the answer to your woes.

Deep down you believe that a logical mind can uncover the mysteries of the human being.  That’s the problem.

The human body is not always predictable or logical.  What helps some people, can hurt others.  The good news is that where the mind fails to understand fully, the body will let you know what you need.    The body has a language all its own, letting you know what’s wrong and how to fix it.  Sheer genius.

Feeling better starts with feeling….

Your ability to feel, interpret, and understand your body’s unique language is the key to getting well.  The myofascial therapist is there to guide you back inside yourself.  The human body cannot speak and tell us what’s wrong.  But it does use sensation to send us messages to guide us.  When we are tuned in, we can tell what our body needs quickly.   We feel hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc.   But so often, we condition ourselves to ignore our body’s signals because something else is more important.  Over time, the body will raise its voice to capture our attention.  If you didn’t respond to the achy, tightness perhaps you will do something if the pain takes a sharper edge.

In a myofascial treatment session, the emphasis is on getting you to tune back into you.  Pain is a guide, not the enemy.   Heat, burning sensations, pulling, and tingling  all serve as guides as well.

And feeling nothing at all,  that’s perhaps the greatest indicator of a long time dissociation from your body’s needs

With myofascial treatment, you develop a better awareness of  what has transpired beneath the surface of your skin.   Slowly, the sources of your pain and dysfunction are revealed.  Your sensitivity increases.  You will begin to feel at a much deeper level.  And patterns to the way your body functions will become apparent to you.  All of this is paramount in slowly unraveling the fascial web that can be so restricting.  The feedback you give your therapist literally guides the treatment.  Brillant.

And then you begin to recognize that you are, in fact, in control of your health. And the mind likes that.

The mind and body are the perfect union.  Mind what your body has to say for a change.  Free up your fascia.  Stay healthy.