Back to school for some children is a time for tears, anxiety and frustration.

Learning doesn’t come easily, and it is far from fun.    As a parent myself, nothing is more concerning than watching your child struggle.


Consider for a moment the possibility that your child’s struggle in school is not a behavioral problem.   It may not be a problem of poor organization.  It may not be because they talk too much or not enough.  What if I told you that there may be excessive tightness/pressure within the cranium?  Not enough to see with diagnostic tests, but enough to interfere with tasks requiring higher levels of concentration.   And all the behavior problems that we are seeing as parents are merely symptoms of this underlying dysfunction.  We spend so much time addressing the symptoms with bribes, organizers, teacher meetings, etc., but may never address the actual cause of the problem!

Literally, some children have too much tightness in their heads!

How does that feel?  Imagine walking around all day with a football helmet on that is just a smidge too tight.  And now try to learn to read or comprehend a new abstract thought.  Or learn a brand new skill in PE class.  It can be done, but it takes a lot more energy!

Craniosacral therapy can release this tightness, ease the build up of fluid pressure, and allow the central nervous system to function without being stressed.

Releasing compression of the cranial bones and sacrum can go a long way to reducing tension and pressure within the central nervous system.  Dr. John Upledger, who is credited with establishing craniosacral therapy, discovered in the 1970s that the bones of the cranium are designed to allow for expansion as the cranium fills with cerebrospinal fluid.  As this fluid empties out of the cranium, there is a narrowing once again of the cranial bones. This change in pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid creates a rhythm that can be palpated by the therapist with very light touch and is known as the cerebrospinal rhythm.  Disruptions of this rhythm can indicate that a restriction may be present.

These areas of restriction can be released with light touch designed to mobilize the bones of the cranium and sacrum and allow for mobilization of the fascial layer underneath.  The treatment itself can be very relaxing as the central nervous system has an opportunity to reboot itself and work with greater efficiency.

And when the body can work with greater efficiency, there’s more energy for learning!

Craniosacral therapy doesn’t heal all learning disabilities, but it always leaves the central nervous system in better balance.  And a balanced nervous system enhances all other therapies that may be initiated.   For some children and adults, it truly frees up the mind to embrace learning with great success!

For more in depth information, please don’t hesitate to call.  Help your child learn to love learning.   And have a wonderful school year.